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Creative Texts selects manuscripts for publication based on many different criteria.   Most importantly, we are committed to adding value to the author and our first consideration is whether or not we feel we are a fit for you.  Please know that we are not a vanity press that provides services in exchange for compensation, but rather we are a traditional independent small press that invests our expertise, time and resources into authors we believe are commercially viable.  Most of our publishing agreements are entered into by invitation only, however, we are open to reviewing unsolicited manuscripts for both fiction and non-fiction works in the Action and Adventure, Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic Fiction, Biography, Western, History, and Historical Fiction genres.  If you have a title outside of this genre, you are welcome to submit it for consideration as we do keep an open mind regarding all submissions and do appreciate your consideration.

Manuscripts may be submitted directly to the publisher via email to with “Manuscript Submission” in the subject line. Thank you for considering Creative Texts and please have a great day!