Billy the Kid: An Autobiography

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History tells us that Billy the Kid was murdered in 1881 by Sheriff Pat Garrett but in 1950 an old man by the name of William Henry “Brushy Bill” Roberts came before the Governor of New Mexico seeking a pardon for crimes committed under that name.  The old man was the exact same height, weight, and physical stature of the notorious outlaw and knew intimate details of the life of Billy the Kid, the Lincoln County War, and many of the Kid’s daring exploits.  Not only this, but the old man had affidavits from five living acquaintances of Billy the Kid that all swore he was the one true Billy the Kid of legend.  The old man died before receiving his pardon in 1950, but new evidence suggests that Brushy Bill Roberts and Billy the Kid were the same man.  This groundbreaking book reveals never before seen evidence that proves Brushy Bill Roberts was the Billy the Kid of legend.

Alias Billy the Kid

In 1949 a childhood friend of Billy the Kid claimed Billy was still living and led investigators to a man in Texas known as William H. “Brushy Bill” Roberts. After initially denying it, Brushy finally agreed to confess his identity on the condition the investigator would help him obtain a pardon so he could die a free man. Over the course of several months Mr. Roberts provided many astounding proofs that he was the Kid of legend, including physical evidence and firsthand knowledge of many obscure aspects of the Kid’s life. In addition, the investigator assisted Roberts with finding living acquaintances of Billy the Kid who signed sworn affidavits stating Roberts was the man they knew.

Now after more than 50 years Brushy’s original story is available for the first time ever in paperback.

The Authentic Life of Billy the Kid

On July 14, 1881 Sheriff Pat Garrett of Lincoln County, New Mexico ended the career of the Southwest’s most noted desparado, Billy, “The Kid”. At the time it was said of Billy that he had killed one man for each of his 22 years of life. Between Billy’s constant run ins with the law, his daring escapes, the many men he killed, and his unassuming youthful appearance his exploits have become legendary. Originally published in 1882 Garrett’s “Authentic Life of Billy the Kid” was the first widely distributed account of the Kid’s life and was long considered the authoritative work on the subject of this famous New Mexico outlaw.

"The Fun and Fighting of the Rough Riders" Tom Hall

“The Fun and Fighting of the Rough Riders” by Tom Hall

In 1898 the when the United States declared War on Spain young Thomas Hall had only one goal and that goal was to serve with the legendary Colonel Theodore Roosevelt as one of his Rough Riders. Hall made countless attempts by every means imaginable to be selected but was rejected at every turn. Finally, however, his determination paid off and Hall was made Regimental Quartermaster for the 1st Volunteer Cavalry. What follows is Hall’s firsthand account of his experience as a Rough Rider including personal insights to soldier life, humorous anecdotes, and commentary on the legendary men that made up the fraternity of one of America’s first elite fighting forces, Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders.

"The Killing of Billy the Kid" John Poe

“The Killing of Billy the Kid” by John Poe

On July 14, 1881 Sheriff Pat Garrett of Lincoln County, New Mexico and his posse were in pursuit of the notorious desparado Billy, “The Kid”. They arrived late in the evening at Fort Sumner, New Mexico more than 100 miles from where the Kid had broken out of jail and murdered his two guards. Although the Sheriff had relatives in Fort Sumner, he was not liked by the mostly Mexican townspeople and had few friends. The Kid, on the other hand, was a local hero. What followed that evening has been the subject of debate until the present day. After a long day of hiding out and waiting for the Kid to arrive, Pat Garrett claimed that he fatally shot the Kid at a local farmer’s house where the Kid had come seeking some meat for his supper. There were four men who witnessed these events but for almost 40 years Sheriff Pat Garrett was the only one willing to comment on what happened. In addition, many didn’t believe the sheriff’s story and the local townspeople whispered that he had killed the wrong man. Finally, in 1919, Deputy John W. Poe finally told his story to author E.A. Brininstool who self published and distribruted his account in two printings. This volume represents the complete and unabridged version of Deputy Poe’s narrative complete with illutrations of the prominent men it describes.

"Leaders of The Reformation" Joseph Henry Dubbs

“Leaders of The Reformation” by Joseph Henry Dubbs

The Protestant Reformation of the Sixteenth Century was the beginning of a major epoch in human history. What began in the hearts and minds of the reformers grew into a movement that not only affected religious life in Europe, but that also changed the face of social, political, and economic institutions as well, Like every other great historical movement, the Reformation sprang from the obscure sources in the remote past, and gathered strength from innumerable tributaries, until at last it became a mighty flood whose onward flow was irresitible. Dubb’s work THE LEADERS OF THE REFORMATION provides a detailed account of the men whose influence contributed to changing the course of history and Western thought.

"The Chisholm Trail" Sam P. Ridings

“The Chisholm Trail” by Sam P. Ridings

The Chisholm Trail was the original “Cowboy Highway” stretching hundreds of miles from the ranches of Texas to the Cattle markets in Kansas. This classic work chronicles in vivid detail the entire journey of the trail and is complete with descriptions of actual incidents and events that occurred along the trail as well as stories of famous and infamous cowboys, outlaws, rustlers, Indians, and lawmen who made the journey.

This story includes character studies and descriptions of many frontier characters from Jesse Chisholm, a western man and the trail’s namesake, to the notorious gunslinger Billy the Kid, to countless other lawmen, Native Chiefs, and other western characters, this book leaves no detail uncovered as the author, who himself traveled the trail during its golden era, shares his story.

The Chisholm Trail is a must read for anyone interested in discovering the true history of the American West so saddle up your horse and begin your journey on the World’s Greatest Cattle Trail!

"A Frontier Life" Charles Wesley Wells

“A Frontier Life” by Charles Wesley Wells

Classic work by Charles Wesley Wells, an early American Pioneer and eventual Circuit Riding Methodist Preacher. Mr. Wells describes in depth his experience traveling through the untamed west including his fights with Native Americans, Frontier Life, the infamous Blue River Indian Massacres, an Encounter with Custer’s Army, Practical Observations on Homesteading and Survival, and his many experiences as an early Methodist Minister traveling far and wide and encountering all sorts of people. This is an entertaining must read book filled with original photographs and illustrations from the period

"The Thrilling Lives of Buffalo Bill and Pawnee Bill" Frank Winch

“The Thrilling Lives of Buffalo Bill and Pawnee Bill” by Frank Winch

William H. “Buffalo Bill” Cody and Gordon E. “Pawnee Bill” Lilly were two of America’s original showmen. In addition to being early adventurers in the American West they both independently started traveling Wild West Shows before eventually combining their resources into what became the greatest Wild West Exhibition Show in history. This show, the Buffalo Bill’s Wild West & Pawnee Bill’s Far East Show toured across the globe. This volume was originally written in 1911 by Frank Winch who was the promoter of the show. In it he describes the “thrilling lives” of both Buffalo Bill and Pawnee Bill including their early lives, encounters with Indians, Outlaws, and famous frontier notables such as General George Custer, their trips to New York City, Chicago, and Europe, and even an encounter with the King of England. All of these adventures and more are described in the “The Thrilling Lives of Buffalo Bill & Pawnee Bill” by Frank Winch now updated with photos and illustrations of their famous Wild West Show.

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