Billy the Kid: An Autobiography

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History tells us that Billy the Kid was murdered in 1881 by Sheriff Pat Garrett but in 1950 an old man by the name of William Henry “Brushy Bill” Roberts came before the Governor of New Mexico seeking a pardon for crimes committed under that name.  The old man was the exact same height, weight, and physical stature of the notorious outlaw and knew intimate details of the life of Billy the Kid, the Lincoln County War, and many of the Kid’s daring exploits.  Not only this, but the old man had affidavits from five living acquaintances of Billy the Kid that all swore he was the one true Billy the Kid of legend.  The old man died before receiving his pardon in 1950, but new evidence suggests that Brushy Bill Roberts and Billy the Kid were the same man.  This groundbreaking book reveals never before seen evidence that proves Brushy Bill Roberts was the Billy the Kid of legend.

Alias Billy the Kid

In 1949 a childhood friend of Billy the Kid claimed Billy was still living and led investigators to a man in Texas known as William H. “Brushy Bill” Roberts. After initially denying it, Brushy finally agreed to confess his identity on the condition the investigator would help him obtain a pardon so he could die a free man. Over the course of several months Mr. Roberts provided many astounding proofs that he was the Kid of legend, including physical evidence and firsthand knowledge of many obscure aspects of the Kid’s life. In addition, the investigator assisted Roberts with finding living acquaintances of Billy the Kid who signed sworn affidavits stating Roberts was the man they knew.

Now after more than 50 years Brushy’s original story is available for the first time ever in paperback.

The Authentic Life of Billy the Kid

On July 14, 1881 Sheriff Pat Garrett of Lincoln County, New Mexico ended the career of the Southwest’s most noted desparado, Billy, “The Kid”. At the time it was said of Billy that he had killed one man for each of his 22 years of life. Between Billy’s constant run ins with the law, his daring escapes, the many men he killed, and his unassuming youthful appearance his exploits have become legendary. Originally published in 1882 Garrett’s “Authentic Life of Billy the Kid” was the first widely distributed account of the Kid’s life and was long considered the authoritative work on the subject of this famous New Mexico outlaw.

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