Master Prepper Jerry D. Young educates through his storytelling.  Throughout his books Jerry mentions essential prepper gear items his characters use in the story to survive.  We wanted to share that gear with Jerry’s readers to support his mission to educate and inform the world on how to survive during emergencies, wars, and societal or economic collapse.  Below are illustrations of Jerry’s recommended prepper gear items that link to the actual item on  Take a moment and browse around, and if you could use some prepper gear, better pick it up while you still can!

Prepper Gear Item: BM 59 Bayonet

Featured in: The Hermit

Description:  The BM 59 Bayonet fits on to the BM 59 rifle, or it can be used on its own.  A rugged, reliable weapon that has stood the test of time.

Prepper Gear Item: Meals, Ready-to-Eat

Featured In: The Hermit

Description:  MRE Meals are utilized by various militaries all over the world.  Built for purpose, MREs offer a lot of calories in a portable format and are excellent for survival situations.  Available in both military and civilian versions, military versions are generally considered better, but are not intended for civilian purpose, so one must wonder whether military MREs have been properly handled prior to sale.  For this reason, many preppers prefer the civilian versions.

Prepper Gear Item: 5 gallon Nato Fuel Can

Featured In: The Hermit

Description:  Holding 5 gallons of fuel and made of steel, the NATO “Jerry” can design has been a standard piece of prepper gear since World War 2.

Prepper Gear Item: Game Cart

Featured In: The Hermit

Description:  When set afoot or attempting to bring in a kill from a hunt, the ability to carry a load is critical.  Well made, heavy duty game carts are a great piece of prepper gear to have cached with your supplies.