Maria Thompson Daviess "The Heart's Kingdom"

“The Heart’s Kingdom” by Maria Thompson Daviess

Classic work from 1917: Nickols Powers is desperate for the beautiful Charlotte to marry him. Independent Charlotte, however, is reluctant to accept his religious views as it seems a wife must. She may yet be convinced, however, by the charismatic preacher building a new church in her own backyard.

Frank Tousey "Wild West Weekly #531: December 20, 1912"

“Wild West Weekly #531: December 20, 1912” by Frank Tousey

WILD WEST WEEKLY: A vintage weekly magazine containing stories and sketches of Western life. Features the adventures of ‘Young Wild West,’ a courageous and dashing hero born and raised on the frontier, who rescues his sweetheart, Arietta Murdock, from countless dangers and perils. Stories focus on the violent clashes between cowboys and Indians and on life in the mining camps at the turn of the century. Illustration: full-page color cover. 32 pages

George Owen Baxter "Over the Northern Border"

“Over the Northern Border” by George Owen Baxter

When Jack Trainor is rescued out of a snowstorm by a giant fur trapper he soon discovers that his savior needs some rescuing of his own. Although a giant of a man and an excellent trapper, he is ignorant of how to win the heart of the girl he loves. Over the course of several months, Trainor must manage to teach him how to woo her wihtout falling in love with her himself….all the while avoiding the jealous guns of another hopeful contender for her heart. Great story and excelent plot with a twist in this classic dime store story from 1922.

Tevis Miller "Gun-Play in Killer Canyon"

“Gun-Play in Killer Canyon” by Tevis Miller

From the late 1800s to the mid 1900s Dime Novels captured the imagination of generations. Whether they were thrilling tales of adventure, gritty westerns, suspenseful mysteries, or true crime stories the dime novel format launched the careers of countless authors and inspired the dreams of adults and children alike. Now available for the first time in more than 50 years Creative Texts Publishers brings some of the dime novel era’s most popular stories in paperback format.

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