N.C. Reed doesn’t really exist. He’s just a figment of someone’s imagination. But if he was real, they would imagine him as a gray haired curmudgeon who likes pecan pie entirely too much. He would be a constant source of annoyance to a loving and doting wife. Despite that, the mutant Doberman would spend much time in his company as he writes. Or as he pretends to write in order to get people to leave him alone. Or as he sits by the window and wonders who that is driving down ‘his’ road. Or when he just locks himself in his study and pretends no one is calling his name.

He would enjoy hunting and fishing if he could do it comfortably and only in good weather. He would enjoy working in his yard, except when it was cold. Or hot. Or he didn’t want to. Or if it weren’t so much actual work.

He would enjoy field trips of a historical nature such as Civil War battlefields and Colonial settlements, if they weren’t so far away and require an overnight stay to visit. Being an avid Tennessee fan, he would enjoy games at Neyland Stadium, if there weren’t so many steps. Or if there was an escalator. Or a hover board.

A big one.

Most of all, he would enjoy creating stories that interest others. Stories that people would want to read again and again. That they would want to share with others. He would enjoy entertaining others and creating a world outside of reality to relax in, even if it were just for a few hours.

And he would be grateful to those who followed his works and were kind enough to tell him so. It would be those people that he wrote for.

If he was real, that is. . . .

N.C. Reed "Parno's Company"

“Parno’s Company” by N.C. Reed

The world died long ago, leaving only a few here and there to rebuild. Their world had once been grand and magnificent, but too much was lost in the years after the time known as the Dying. Knowledge that had been gained over centuries disappeared from the world, lost when those who carried that knowledge died with it.

The population has grown again over the last centuries, but the world has not regained its lost knowledge or former glory. A few things survive, here and there, and scholars seek to uncover more of their Ancients lost technology. But in the midst of that comes the threat of war with a rival nation. The latest in a long line of such wars for the Kingdom of Soulan.

Enter Parno McLeod, third son of King Tammon McLeod, who is unloved by his family and laughed at by the nobility. A brawling, drinking, womanizing playboy still in his teens. The common soldiers and people love Parno because he doesn’t preen and pretend. Parno loves his people and his Land, even though he doesn’t love his family.

When sent away by his family on an impossible mission, can young Parno overcome the odds and become the prince that destiny intends him to be?

N.C. Reed "Parno's Destiny"

“Parno’s Destiny” by N.C. Reed

Parno McLeod has managed to stave off disaster for now, but his kingdom is still besieged by the Imperial forces of the Norland Empire. Assuming command of the entire Soulan military in place of his deposed brother, Therron, Parno must turn Soulan’s fortunes around before his home is completely overrun and his people destroyed or enslaved. His ailing father has placed a great burden on his youngest son because he simply doesn’t have anyone else that can do the things that Parno can get done. But Parno has enemies at home as well as abroad, and some of them are much closer than anyone realizes. . . .

N.C. Reed "Stormcrow"

“Stormcrow” by N.C. Reed

Meet “STORMCROW”, the Freeborn Assassin
When the Captain of a deep space freighter does a good deed she finds out that she may have endangered and exposed her entire ship’s crew. Until now her ship, the Celia, has run fine despite having a pilot who specializes in controlled crash landings, an ‘almost’ doctor who cooks better than most chefs, a deck hand who makes it her life’s mission to bully anyone she can, an engineer who is so quiet that you sometimes don’t know he’s there, and a Captain who is in constant pain from wounds she suffered in an ugly war. Will her one mistake place them in danger and can the crew survive when faced with the STORMCROW, the Harbinger of Storms to come?

N.C. Reed "Roland: Reluctant Paladin"

“Roland: Reluctant Paladin” by N.C. Reed

Roland Stang never intended to become the caretaker of thirty abandoned children. He was just looking for a place to get out of the rain. His plan was to lay low and allow the world to reset itself after a world wide economic collapse. But, things do change. An orphan himself from an early age, the former soldier can’t simply walk away and leave the children he finds. Especially once he realizes what a sorry lot of adults is nominally in charge of the group in the warehouse he’s taken shelter in.

But now, he’s got his hands full, and then some. He has to find a home for those children, and a way to feed, clothe, and educate them. All while protecting them from people who would prey on them in one way or another, and while protecting his own back from an angry woman who apparently hates him just because. Her only redeeming feature as far as Roland is concerned? She wants to protect the children as much as he does.

Leading a handful of teens and a busload of orphaned children, Roland sets out to find a safe haven for them. Along the way he’ll make friends, enemies, and the odd mistake or two. Or more.

Roland isn’t exactly parenting material, either. With problems of his own to deal with, maybe taking on so much extra responsibility wasn’t the smartest thing he’s ever done. Then again, Roland has always been stubborn.

N.C. Reed "The Kid"

“The Kid” by N.C. Reed

A group of people evacuating ahead of civil unrest amid a societal collapse find themselves lost, alone, and on the run, deep in the woods of rural West Tennessee. With snow on the ground, no skills, and not much more than the clothes on their backs, the group is in dire straits, and probably won’t last out the coming night.

Until, out of the falling snow, a lone figure approaches. Over the next few days their silent benefactor will keep them safe, fed, and warm, while helping them acquire the know how to care for themselves. The thing is, he’s just a kid. . . .

N.C. Reed "Odd Billy Todd"

“Odd Billy Todd” by N.C. Reed


Most people called him odd, and those were the nice people. Born with a learning disability, Billy’s parents never allowed him to consider himself disabled. Raised to be self-sufficient, Billy might not be as smart as some, but he’s a lot smarter than people realized. So, when the entire world is devastated by a plague that kills over ninety-five percent of the population, Billy is not helpless. Believing he may be the only survivor in his town, he manages to place himself in a good position to survive alone in a new world.

N.C. Reed "Tammy and Ringo"

“Tammy and Ringo” by N.C. Reed

WHEN TAMMY GLEASON RECIEVED A FRANTIC PHONE CALL FROM HER FATHER that was all it took to put her on the road home to Fort Bragg from Memphis, Tennessee, trying to outrun a disaster. On her way out of town she befriends a young man whose only name is Ringo and who just might be a little bit more than he seems.

The two of them will travel together as Tammy tries to make it to her father before things break down. Thrust together by events out of their control, the two will learn to depend on one another as they cover each other’s weaknesses and search for a way home.

N.C. Reed "Friggin' Zombies"

Friggin Zombies” by N.C Reed

This is ridiculous. I mean seriously.

I work for years, since I was in high school for crap’s sake, to be prepared for any emergency, anytime. I study, I train, I keep up with the news. I look for new products, I scour the web for suggestions about things I should always have on hand.

I took training courses. First aid, advanced life saving, volunteered for my local fire department and trained to fight fire, extricate people from crushed cars, whatever the situation called for. I took private, and expensive, training programs for almost every kind of scenario or event I could imagine, read about, or hear a rumor of.

Plague? Got it.

Nuclear, Biological or Chemical attack, by terrorists or in war, either one? Got that too.

Massive earthquake like that one in Japan that tore up the nuclear plant? Ready for it.

Horrendous hurricane that levels everything in its path? Even though I lived hundreds of miles inland, still prepared for it. Could work for tornado outbreaks too after all, right?

After all that time, sweat, money and even a little blood, what do I get? What great, earth changing event happens?

Zombies. The friggin’ Zombie Apocalypse.

N.C. Reed "The Monster of Creasy's Hollow"

“The Monster of Creasy’s Hollow” by N.C. Reed

Five teens. One dearly departed dog. An ancient book full of spells. What could go wrong?
Join the gang as they try to bring their dog back to life, only to end up summoning something dark and deadly from somewhere else to their small town. Now, they have to hurry to fix what they’ve done before the Monster of Creasy’s Hollow wreaks havoc on their home. Right after they’ve done their homework, of course.

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