N.C. Reed

N.C. Reed is the #1 Best Selling author of the “Fire From the Sky” series, as well as the author of many Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic, and Fantasy titles.  Mr. Reed is likely best recognized for his work in Fan Fiction surrounding the popular FIREFLY  science fiction TV series but has written professionally for many years and in many genres. He has also found considerable success with his own book titles including the highly rated The Black Sheep of Soulan series (aka Parno’s Company and Parno’s Destiny) and the Stormcrow science fiction series.  It has been said that N.C. Reed doesn’t really exist.  But. . .if he did, he’d be a grumpy old man living somewhere in Tennessee with a loving wife, mutant Doberman, and two worthless cats.   Mr. Reed can often be found writing, reading, and engaging in outdoor activities when his plethora of broken bones and old man ails allows it.  He can also occasionally be found discussing deep, philosophical issues with the dog, or the two cats. So far none of the three have made a reply.

Visit Mr. Reed’s website here:  badkarma00.wordpress.com.

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