The Post-Apocalyptic Fiction genre has become increasingly popular as world-wide disasters, civil unrest and confidence in world governments collapses or as people yearn for simpler times.  No survival library is complete with Post-Apocalyptic Fiction or Disaster Fiction books as part of your Prepper Gear.  Given our fragile infrastructure, supply chain, and dependence on energy and modern technology, many people around the world are preparing to become more self-sufficient.  Our popular Post-Apocalyptic Fiction titles, many of which maintain a preparedness mindset or practical advice, are top rated in this genre.


Survival Fiction Library “Book One: The Hermit” by Jerry D. Young

After losing his family to a tragic automobile accident, Neil Young withdraws from society to live a self-reliant lifestyle as a hermit. Shortly thereafter, the world economy implodes and a limited nuclear war ensures, changing the outside world he thought he knew forever. Given Neil’s newly established, and quite comfortable position living in isolation, can he remain withdrawn as those around him suffer, or will he emerge to once again face society and try to use his influence to remake a better world?

Survival Fiction Library “Book Two: Low Profile” by Jerry D. Young

An unpretentious man lives humbly while his braggadocios neighbor buys the latest gadgets and status symbols. When hard times come, his humble lifestyle and his quietly hoarded prepper gear pays off, but his neighbors believe they are entitled to the resources he sacrificed to obtain. As society collapses around him, can John Havingsworth stick to his values and also keep his friends, not to mention his life?

Survival Fiction Library “Book Three: Home Sweet Bunker” by Jerry D. Young

A man and his brother escape to a rural retreat when disaster strikes America

Survival Fiction Library “Book Four: Planning Pays Off” by Jerry D. Young

He was a prepper and that meant that he planned ahead. He never knew exactly when or if disaster would come but he knew that to fail to plan meant he was planning to fail so he did what he could, just in case. When nuclear war started the world got crazier still and he realized that even his own neighbors, if circumstances were right, would stop at nothing to save themselves. Now with his family missing and parts of two other families relying on him he had choices to make. Should he spend his limited resources on strangers or try to survive himself until order was restored? He wasn’t sure, but he knew one thing, he knew that planning pays off.

“Survival Short Stories” by Jerry D. Young

Three great short stories from prolific post-apocalyptic fiction writer Jerry D. Young.

“Prepper Short Stories” by Jerry D. Young

ITS TIME TO GET PREPARED! Jerry D. Young stories have just the right balance of light and heavy subject matter for readers of all ages. By utilizing firsthand knowledge and technical information Jerry is able to provide excellent insight into realistic situations. This collection of Prepper Short Stories includes five new stories never before published in print and available now for you to read and enjoy. You never know, this information may save your life!


“An Old Man and His Tractor” by Jerry D. Young

Tom DeMassey was sixty-seven years old when he decided one day he might as well retire and sell off the farm but he did decide to keep some old antique farming equipment.  After all, with the world going to pieces, it just might come in handy someday.

“Bad Times Coming” by Jerry D. Young

Things had been lean for quite a while and he had been forced to sell off a lot of his family’s things to make ends meet. He even came close to having to sell the land that had been in his family for three generations but fortunately was able to avoid that. Now finally with steady work coming in, he was getting back on his feet and slowly but surely
rebuilding his family’s finances. He felt that by living simply and working hard they could position themselves to live a self-sufficient life on the old property and for once, it seemed that his timing couldn’t have been better. There were bad times coming and he would need every bit of time he could get to prepare for what was ahead.

“Barbara’s Legacy” by Jerry D. Young

Terror attacks on major cities across the United States wipe out the power grid and lead to chaos. In the midst of this disaster, two people come together to face an uncertain future.

“Bugging Home” by Jerry D. Young

When disaster strikes and the grid goes down, Greg knows exactly what to do.

“Disaster in the ‘Burbs” by Jerry D. Young

Jerry D Young was born at home, in Senath, Missouri July 3, 1953. At age 5 the family rented a small farm house on an active farm 40 miles southwest of St. Louis. While the family weren’t farmers, they lived something of a homestead type life, raising a milk cow, sometimes two, and calves, a pig or two, chickens, and the occasional goat. Along with the stock, a large garden helped to feed Jerry’s three brothers and two sisters for several years. Fishing and hunting contributed to the pantry, as did foraging the wild edibles on the property.

“Dominic Santelli: Prepper” by Jerry D. Young

A prepper navigates a post-apocalyptic world.

“Frisco Lessons” by Jerry D. Young

A man learns lessons in San Francisco that help him survive nuclear war.

“Gettin’ Hot” by Jerry D. Young

…Larry must find a way to keep his cool…..and save his life. He finds refuge in an old, remote family property handed down to him from his grandfather and moves out of town to beat the heat and the craziness. As he settles in he meets a local waitress that just so happens to be not only the pretties girl in town, but the girl who steals his heart as well. With the world heating up and society breaking down, can Larry help them both survive to live the kind of life they want to build together?

“Habitat” by Jerry D. Young

HABITAT: An heiress, giga-yacht, and underwater habitat become part of Captain Gills McBain’s life at a very opportune time.

“Haroldsville” by Jerry D. Young

Harold is the salvation for many when a Near Earth Object impacts the earth and volcanoes erupt.

“I’d Rather Be Dead” by Jerry D. Young

“Indecision” by Jerry D. Young

When old friends get together one helps the other prepare for what the world was turning into.

“Frisco Lessons” by Jerry D. Young

Influences can be good or bad, especially after a nuclear war.

“Man, It’s Cold Outside” by Jerry D. Young

Mike Buncie knew the weather was acting crazy and he was trying to prepare, but would it be global warming… or a new ice age?

“Options Are Good” by Jerry D. Young

Bandy Hawkins becomes the best option for two families to get through terrible times.

“Ozark Retreat” by Jerry D. Young

Her father hires Brady Collingsworth find her. Brady is an experienced private detective and will not let anything stop him from bringing her home. Nothing, that is, except for her own wishes. When Brady finds her and realizes that she was no kidnapped at all but has joined a group of like minded preppers to prepare for an apocalyptic weather event, his own mind starts to question whether or not he himself is prepared. When he returns to his life in the city he finds himself paying more and more attention to the weather reports and becoming increasingly worried. Maybe, he thinks, these “survivalists” aren’t so crazy after all, and maybe its time for Brady himself to look into getting his own Ozark Retreat.

“Percy’s Mission” by Jerry D. Young

Though they kept them out of sight for the most part, nearly every group making the move was carrying arms of some type. That included Percy and his crew. Percy, Andy, Jim, and Bob stood near the former roadblock with their HK-91 rifles held at the ready until every last person, vehicle, and animal was well past it. The Indian and the two Rokons had been offloaded from the trailer and were parked near the Hummers. Being constantly on guard wasn’t easy but then again ever since the nukes started flying and martial law was imposed travel of any kind was risky. Unfortunately, staying put was not an option, not if they intended to complete Percy’s Mission.

“Planning Pays Off” by Jerry D. Young

He was a prepper and that meant that he planned ahead. He never knew exactly when or if disaster would come but he knew that to fail to plan meant he was planning to fail so he did what he could, just in case. When nuclear war started the world got crazier still and he realized that even his own neighbors, if circumstances were right, would stop at nothing to save themselves. Now with his family missing and parts of two other families relying on him he had choices to make. Should he spend his limited resources on strangers or try to survive himself until order was restored? He wasn’t sure, but he knew one thing, he knew that planning pays off.

“Rendevous” by Jerry D. Young

Wayne Jackson was a history major in college and one thing he knew was that history had a way of repeating itself. It was for this reason as well as any other that he decided to prepare for potential emergencies, even going so far as to join a Mutual Assistance Group, just in case. When the day came that disaster struck, Wayne knew exactly what to do, where to go, and with whom he needed to rendezvous.

“Rudy’s Preparedness Shop” by Jerry D. Young

RUDY’S PREPAREDNESS SHOP: Rudy owns a preparedness shop, but is enough to survive nuclear war?

“Scavenger” by Jerry D. Young

WHEN THE GOVERNMENT TURNED ON ITS CITIZENS it wasn’t long before things fell apart. Corruption, oppression and mismanagement led to resentment from the people and civil unrest. When global warming and food shortages compounded the world’s problems, someone decided to start a thermo-nuclear war which destroyed any semblance of society that remained along with tens of millions of lives. Now Jimmy must rely on his army training, his common sense and his pre-war preparations to get him by. In this new world he can’t take any resource for granted, he must rely on what’s left behind. He must become a SCAVENGER.

The bills were piling up and the money just wasn’t going as far as it used to. With the world economy in trouble, he wasn’t exactly sure how he was going to be able to improve his situation. This perhaps, as much as anything got him on to the idea of starting a community garden with his neighbors. As time passed, the garden prospered and Jacob continued to work hard to slowly build up his independance. He really couldn’t afford much, but the way things were, he almost couldn’t afford not to try to become as self-sufficient as possible. As he slowly improved his property it seemed like he didn’t have much, but when the world around him slowly deteriorated he was glad he had prepared his Suburban Homestead.

“The Dark Times: Book 1” by Jerry D. Young

THE TWELVE GROUPS. YOU KNOW THEIR NAMES They are etched deeply in the new history books. things in common. First is the need to take care of themselves and their loved ones. Second is a sense of independence. Third is a willingness to work hard to achieve their objectives. Fourth, and fortunately for the human race, they all possess an understanding of history and the way history relates to possible futures. Last, but certainly not least, is the foresight and wherewithal to prepare for any number of futures, both good and bad. All of the Twelve Groups were rather well respected, if not always well liked, even before the Dark Times began. And each member of each Group became the stuff of legends during those terrible, fateful days that became known as the Dark Times.

“The Liddy Scenario” by Jerry D. Young

It was the 1989 Liddy scenario almost verbatim, at least in the actions. The probable perpetrators were more likely Iranian sponsored Islamic Extremists rather than a communist cell but the results were the same, plus a degree, due to the additional attacks in California that weren’t in Liddy’s memo to the president. Now Brody Cunningham found his world turned upside down. He was a prepper so he was as prepared as anyone, but could anything really prepare you for a nuclear war?

“The Slow Road” by Jerry D. Young

So the idea of being prepared for natural disasters made sense to him. He wasn’t particularly wealthy, but he was a hard worker and willing to put in the overtime necessary to be able to set aside some things for himself and his family every now and then. For him, it wasn’t that he was
necessarily preparing for anything in particular, it was just that in an uncertain world it made sense to him that he should be ready, just in case. Sure enough, the time came when Jasper did need the things he had set aside, it just wasn’t for the reasons he had thought that he would need them. In any event, although he took the slow road, when troubling times came he was ready.

“The Trades People” by Jerry D. Young

A group of friends in a community face natural disasters, the threat of war, and socio-economic collapse.

“True Terror” by Jerry D. Young

Watson Drake began to wonder what horrible thing the terrorists could be planning next. In addition, he realizes that disasters are not limited to just whatever havoc the terrorists may create, the earth and society have their own share of problems as well. Watson decides to begin preparing for worst case scenarios of several types and with only months to prepare he gets help from an unlikely source. But with time running short will he be prepared enough for what lies ahead? In addition, even if he is prepared, is he really ready to face True Terror?

“Well, Why Not?” by Jerry D. Young

Jerry Rastman is down on his luck but decides to stay true to himself and principles during tough times. When he finds himself introduced to a group of like minded preppers, he joins their Mutual Assistance Group and begins to prepare for the collapse of society around him.

“What If?” by Jerry D. Young

Both were independant minded and self sufficient. They were well aware of the dangers in the world and did what they could to be ready for anything, just in case. As the world spiraled out of control it appeared that their worst fears were coming true before their very eyes just as they were beginning to fall in love and begin their lives together. When disaster struck, they would find their preparations and their love would be tested but would their struggle to survive bring them closer together or tear them apart? The truth is, in a world of “What Ifs?”, anything could happen.

“When the Sun Shines Bright” by Jerry D. Young

On a camping trip several states from home, a couple must get back home after a Coronal Mass Ejection produces an EMP that takes down the grid.

“You Just Never Know” by Jerry D. Young

A preparedness-minded backhoe operator creates a makeshift shelter “Just in Case”. When nuclear war strikes, he is glad he thought ahead. After all, you just never know!

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