Clay Brentwood by Jared McVay

N.C. Reed "Parno's Company"

Stranger on a Black Stallion by Jared McVay


For two and a half years, Clay Brentwood has been trying to catch up with the men who shot him in the head and left him for dead. It wasn’t bad enough that they burned his ranch to the ground and stole his horses and cattle, but they also took it upon themselves to rape and then murder his pregnant wife…and for that they had to die.

N.C. Reed "Parno's Destiny"

Unjust Punishment by Jared McVay

Just when Clay Brentwood thought things were about to quiet down, new trouble comes his way in the form of Austin, Texas judge, Horatio B. Tyson. The judge sends Bill McDaniel, head of the Texas Rangers, on a manhunt with two murder warrants; both for Clay Brentwood. The judge’s last words to Bill McDaniel were, “Bring him back, dead or alive. And I don’t care which.”

N.C. Reed "Stormcrow"

Stormcrow by Jared McVay

IT WAS A BEAUTIFUL DAY. Tyrone Brewster walked out of the station; confident this was going to be an easy job. At five foot eight inches, average build, brown eyes, brown hair, brown suit and brown derby hat, with no scars or distinguishing marks, he looked just like any other drummer riding the train. Only, he was no drummer. He was a bringer of death, an assassin, and Hammershield had met his price. Mister Clay Brentwood, Texas Ranger, would be dead long before he reached Dallas.

N.C. Reed "Roland: Reluctant Paladin"

Cinch Mountain by Jared McVay

His mouth salivated as he watched the healthy looking young woman with the fiery red hair putting gold nuggets into a leather pouch. She had no hat on and her red hair glistened in the sunshine. He would take his time with this one, he thought to himself. He would make her scream and beg for him to let her die. He enjoyed it best when they begged. Enzo didn’t know it, but the only problem with his plan was that, although you would never know it from looking, the girl knew she was being watched. It was the big Morgan she rode that had raised his head from where he stood eating grass, letting her know that someone or something was nearby. “Well”, she thought to herself, “if he wants to try something stupid…”


N.C. Reed "The Kid"


Rancher turned Texas Ranger Clay Brentwood takes on a routine assignment escorting a prisoner from the Dallas jail to the prison in Canon City, Colorado. He’s looking forward to an easy job, and then settling down for a bit. At least that’s the way he had it figured. What he hadn’t considered was how plans could change in a heartbeat, bringing him closer to deaths door than he ever wanted to be.

N.C. Reed "The Kid"


The newspapers called him, “The Chameleon,” because during each assassination the killer looks incredibly like someone that everyone knows, including the Governor of the state of Texas. When Clay Brentwood gets on his trail, he has to wonder if those around him are what they seem. Even, Clay’s boss, Bill McDaniel, head of the Texas Rangers – has been acting strangely and Clay can’t be sure he is the same man he has known all these years. For Clay, the problem is obvious – how does he stop a madman with no known identity?

N.C. Reed "Odd Billy Todd"

Three Rode Together

JESSE GLOVER WAS MINDING HIS OWN BUSINESS but then Ulysses S. Grant summoned
him to Washington and asked him to quit the life of a cowboy and go keep Arizona safe
from the likes of Cochise and Geronimo.  So, Jesse saddled up and headed for Fort Bowie.
Along the way he saved a beautiful White Mountain Apache girl named Morning Star from
a monstrous fate.  And when he tangled with a ruthless gang who was determined to start
a whole new Indian uprising, he found help in the shape of two unlikely allies – a Zulu
warrior named SAm, and a Chiricahua Apache named Goyahkla, who was better known as
N.C. Reed "Tammy and Ringo"

Three Ride Again

SURVEYORS WORKING FOR THE TRUMAN COPPER CONSORTIUM had found what promised to be the biggest copper strike in history. There was just one problem. That vast fortune in red metal sat smack in the middle of land considered sacred to the Apaches. When the surveyors were attacked and slaughtered, it looked as if a full-scale Indian war was about to explode. And when they discovered that the hot-headed Bedonkohe Apache, Geronimo, was involved in the events of that bloody night, his two blood-brothers, rancher Jesse Glover and the towering Zulu warrior called Sam, rode up into the Dragoons to ask him just what in hell he thought he was doing. But when they started looking a little deeper into what had happened, they started to realize that all was not as it seemed. Other forces were at work in the wilds of the Arizona Territory, in the shape of a mystery man known as Tchin’dih … The Ghost. Meanwhile, back at Fort Bowie, one of the key players in the game was murdered. For the locals, that was the last straw, and the mood turned downright ugly. If they were to stop the coming war and discover the identity of the mystery killer, the three blood brothers would have to forget their differences—and ride shoulder to shoulder again.


N.C. Reed "Friggin' Zombies"

Hang Shadow Horse!

HANG SHADOW HORSE! The Portuguese slavers called him Sam because they couldn’t pronounce his real name. They tore him away from his homeland and put him to work picking cotton in the Tennessee Valley. But the big, fleet-footed Zulu was nobody’s slave, and to prove it he escaped and headed west. Throwing in with a medicine show conman named Doc Jonah, Sam started entering county footraces to earn enough money to go back to Africa. But then his trail crossed that of Major Lawrence Devlin, and nothing was going to stop the ruthless rancher’s man from winning the Fort Stockton Carnival Week race.


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