New Release Books

Creative Texts publishes between one to two dozen new books each year from popular authors such as N.C. Reed, Sean Liscom, Jerry D. Young, Laurence E. Dahners, Jared McVay,and many more. We publish in Post-Apocalyptic Fiction, Science Fiction, Dystopian, Western Fiction, Biography, History and many other genres in Ebook, Audiobook, and Paperback. Please check back here for our latest releases and thank you for reading!

Ebooks and Paperbacks

The Nephilim: Kings of an Epic Age
Fire From the Sky Book 12
Alcatraz 46'
The Uvalde Raider
The Hoax That Let Jesse James Live
The Ranch: Book 5


The Hyllis Family: Book 7
The Ranch: Book 4
The Ranch: Book 5